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Top 21 Best Narrow Shoe Cabinet of 2022 - Products for Tight Spaces

Clark James
  Dec 9, 2022 11:54 PM

You have a lot of trouble finding a shoe shelf, but your home space is too small, and you can't find a suitable product to accommodate them, or you want to find more suggestions with impressive unique shelf designs for your home. With this article, we'll help you with that with our buying guides and answers to your purchasing questions. The Top 21 Best Narrow Shoe Cabinet of 2022 suggested by us will be great for you.

Top Picks


#1.  Homykic- Best for overall 



  • Dimensions: 39.4” (L) x 11.8” (W) x 32.7” (H)

  • Material: Bamboo 

  • Color: Espresso


  • This will be an excellent product for your home in saving space. Homykic has a simple design, made from bamboo, with an espresso color coating, divided into many compartments with different compartment sizes to help you store shoes of different sizes and shapes. Like boots, bata, or high heels.

  • An intelligent design, Homykic makes more use of space. You can not only store shoes, but you can also put decorative items on the shoe shelf, or you can use it to store things. Other essentials and use them in the bedroom, living room,... Besides, the two sides of the shelves are equipped with hooks and cloth bags; you can hang whatever you want or store your shoe things other small-sized use in cloth bags. Especially convenient. 

  • You will quickly assemble yourself a complete shelf with just a few simple steps; you will receive direct help from the manufacturer, saving you more time and effort. 

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What we like 

  • Can hold more

  • Versatile 

  • Easy to assemble  


  • No cabinet door 

#2. SONGMICS 7- Best for looking 



  • Size: 61.8 x 14.2 x 48 inches

  • Material: plastic 

  • Color: white 


  • With a unique and creative design, a combination of glued plastic sheets forming rectangular and square blocks stacked to form pops,SONGMICS 7 gives you the creative freedom to display your shoes however you like, increasing aesthetics and display space... 

  • In just 35' or less, with the parts sent to you with detailed assembly instructions, you will quickly assemble yourself a great shoe cabinet with just detailed instructions. 

  • On average, you can hold about 28 pairs of shoes. With a relatively large capacity, you can equip yourself to display your favorite shoes, creating a wonderful space for your life. 

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What we like:

  • Unique, impressive design 

  • Large capacity 

  • Minimalist, elegant 


  • Occupying large area 

#3. TIMEBAL 9- Best for  closets 



  • Dimensions: 50.00x11.75x62.25 inch

  • Material: metal 

  • Color: Black 


  • You will be shocked with the TIMEBAL 9, made from sturdy, stable metal. Intelligent, creative design, especially space-saving, gives you a product with a large capacity. Designed with nine floors, you can store a relatively large number of shoes. Not only that, you can store other items such as bags, clothes, and fashion accessories. This is not just an ordinary shoe cabinet,TIMEBAL 9 can also become a wardrobe in your bedroom. 

  • Besides, the two sides of the shelf are equipped with hangers, so you can hang your items and easily use them when needed. The frames are made from PP support and are environmentally friendly. You can easily clean or sanitize the shelves when needed. 

  • Crafted from a metal frame made of durable and sturdy interconnected metal pipes, the TIMEBAL 9 can hold a considerable weight without deformation or damage, making it suitable for families with many people or families. Shelves for display. 

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What we like:

  • Versatile 

  • Space-saving 

  • Stable, sturdy 


  • No opening or closing doors 

#4. HOOBRO 8 - Best for entryway 



  • Dimensions: 20,5 "x 11,8" x 53

  • Material: P2 Particleboard & Metal

  • Color: brown 


  •  With a wooden shelf frame and sturdy metal mesh layers, HOOBRO 8 helps you hold more shoes and withstand more weight without causing damage or damage. Deformation. 

  • With eight shelves, it will help you store many shoes, get rid of the mess caused by too many shoes, be suitable for large families, and place in the hallway. 

  • You can quickly assemble the shelf or exit the frame easily to accommodate shoes of different sizes such as boots, boots, sandals, or sneakers. 

  • Elegant and simple design, suitable for all your living space. 

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What we like:

  •  Simple elegant 

  • Space-saving 

  • Stable, sturdy 


  • No cabinet door 

#5.SONGMICS 10- Best for stackable 



  • Dimensions: 15.7”L x 11.8”W x 6.7”H 

  • Material: PP Plastic Sheets with Iron Wires, ABS Connectors

  • Color: black, white 


  •  Designed from PP plastic, stable and sturdy, and environmentally friendly, you can easily clean and clean the shelves quickly when needed. Intelligent and straightforward design, SONGMICS 10 is especially suitable for narrow spaces. 

  • You were designed with ten tiers, allowing you to store a massive number of shoes, about 40 pairs of men's and women's shoes. In addition, the layer of the cabinet will help protect your shoes from dust, always like new. 

  • You can use it for many different spaces such as living room, bedroom to store additional items depending on your needs, saving space, everything becomes tidy.

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What we like:

  • Stable

  • Large capacity 

  • Suitable for any space


  • Can't move


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Buying Guides

To choose a good and reliable machine, you need to know some crucial criteria below.

  1. Design 

With a narrow shoe cabinet, intelligent designs that save space are the most important thing, helping you save maximum length, suitable for rooms and corridors with a small area. Besides, the number of shoes is also considered. By designing the cabinet with a height, the compartments are divided, which will help you to store many shoes but still ensure harmony and beauty. 

  1. Size  

 This is an important thing when choosing a shoe cabinet, and you need to pay attention to two things: the size of the space and the size of the enormous shoes. With a narrow margin, you need to choose a shoe cabinet so that they fit the area and, at the same time, do not take up too many aisles. In addition, you need to know the maximum sizeto choose from so that the shelf depth fits the total length

  1. Material 

A shoe cabinet made of natural wood will be a perfect piece for your home if you are a lover of classical style bells, or products made of industrial lumber will bring an exciting feeling. More taste with unique and diverse designs, especially the relatively low product price, and the production time is faster. Or metal shelves will bring a more modern, solid, and refreshing feeling to your home. In addition, you can also refer to some other materials such as fabric with lightweight properties that make it easy to move, plastic for a bright, colorful feeling, or glass that will bring a sense of fashion and suitability. Yours displays more.


What size should a shoe cubby be?

 A shoe cabinet is an interior design. They help you store and other accessories to have specified specifications, and the methods will have to comply with the regulations in the mold—that suffering. Usually, they are designed with a standard size of 8 inches * 8 inches. And Each cubby is about 8 inches tall and at least 5 inches wide.

How deep does a shoe cabinet need to be?

An ideal product is about 12 inches deep for women and 14 inches for men because men's sizes are relatively more prominent, so you need to choose a shoe cabinet that is men's size when The target audience includes both men and women. That helps yours be protected more thoughtfully and carefully. 

Where do you put your shoes in a narrow hallway?

A slim with drawers down will be a suitable product for hallways with narrow aisles instead of cabinet doors that open outwards. Thanks to that, the shoes will not fall or be scratched because of the crowd. The slim cabinet saves space and the area of ​​the aisle.


Nowadays, the need to buy a beautiful shoe cabinet for small spaces is increasing, but you face many complex problems such as not knowing how to choose a high-quality product, which is essential. Selecting a shoe cabinet, color, etc., is necessary because the market has too many products and wrong information. Understanding that difficulty, this article will help you know what is essential when buying a narrow shoe shelf and help you solve common questions in choosing a purchase. 

In addition, with the top 5 best narrow shoe cabinets that we recommend to you, they will be excellent choices, and your room will become more impressive and unique. I hope you can make the right decision soon. 

Thanks for reading!


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